Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A valid point

My room mate (Trent - I talk about him enough, I might as well put a name to him.. lol) was admiring one of my pieces of work last night and was telling me that when I try to sell them online, I need to really specify that the beads are coloured 'all the way through' and won't go bad a few days after wearing. He said "I would pick that up and think: its pretty.. but the colour would fade after wearing it once in the shower. And walk away" and I said to him "But obviously, you wouldn't wear that in the shower!" But that has got me thinking... Is it obvious?

As the majority of my creations are beadwoven, I would not personally wear anything I make in the shower, because it might weaken the thread or the colour MIGHT get ruined, I don't know and personally I don't want to risk it.. But is it really that obvious to everyone else? Will I need to consider putting 'Caring for your Jewellery:' tags on each of my pieces? Will these tags put people off buying the items because they think "If they need to put that there, then the piece must be prone to breaking easy!"?

This is a question I am going to be hounding the gals at BD later, but it is something I thought I would share (while bored at work..)

Food for thought my darlings...


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  1. I have briefly thought of this dilemma occasionally. I mean, Miyuki beads aren't going to lose their color, and fireline is fishing line, so it shouldn't weaken in water. Then again, perhaps it could loosen the knots... I don't think I could bring myself to wear jewellery in the shower to test it out.
    I did once consider adding tags advising not to wear whist bathing, but then it occurred to me that people may think this is because it's a substandard product that is going to fall apart if you get caught in the rain. I hope the BD crowd have some good advice.