Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Day

Ah yes.. That precious time of year where society and hopelessly in love couples get raughted by florists, chocolateirs and greeting card companies..

Apologies for my bitterness (single on Valentine's Day *sigh* need I say more?) NOPE! This year, ima be my own Valentines XD Ima buy myself a box of chocolates on my way home from work, light some candles in the bathroom and have a bubblebath - coz that's how I roll! I don't need a man on Valentines day! What good are they anyways? ;) lol.

My bitterness aside, give that loved one something special this Valentine's Day. I'm giving 10% off selected necklaces and accessories! Find all you need at my online shop here:

While I am here I might as well say to all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!



  1. LOL. That cartoon is too funny. Happy Valentine's day from another happily single beader.

  2. Emma, In the same boat as you no man and you know that is not always a bad thing, but it would be nice to have one around every now and then. Thanks for the laugh that was a good one.