Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh! The de-organisation!

I think I am going to need a helping hand from IKEA on this one..

Since moving house, I have realised just how many beads I have and just how little storage I have. And believe me, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to do Christmas orders when you have beads still packed away in their boxes or scattered all over your bedroom floor - or as I like to call it, things that go 'crunch' in the night..

I like to think of myself as a faily organised person but lately I have realised it is one extreme or the other.. If I am organised it gets to a stage where I get very particular about organising things that I start alphabetising or colour co-ordinating. Then I'll get so frustrated when something won't work and I'll get to the stage of "BUGGER IT!", throw everything in a box and storm off.

This gets me wondering, how does everyone else store their beads?

I think it's time I go to IKEA - maybe after Christmas when they have the Boxing day sales on - and check out what they have in terms of storage..

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Belated Halloween

Tis Twas that time of year when everything spooky and feral came out to play and the only day out of the 365 days each year where it is acceptable for children to take candy from strangers..

I realise that I am INCREDIBLY late with this, but I'm not saving it until next year.. Besides every day for me is Halloween ;) This story however will need to be explained a little more in depth.

A few months ago, my girlfriend Kittie opened up a store in Wollongong and offered me to put some of my things in to sell (how excitement!) *blah blah blah stuff in the middle* Later on down the track, she was asking all of her artists to come up with Halloween decorations and what not to have displayed in the shop. I wracked my brain for AGES thinking of what I could do, coming up with only little beaded spider webs. As I was trolling through Pinterest one day, I saw this gravestone - not a real one, I'm assuming - but something that someone had come up with. I saw it and straight away thought "I'M DOING THAT!"

So there I sat, with my little bead pattern maker in my laptop and drew this gravestone, using cross stitch letter patterns to create the words on this gravestone. It took me a few good hours to come up with this pattern and even longer to make the thing using my loom - but thank god for my loom, or it would have taken even longer doing it by hand.

Enough of the suspense though! After a few weeks, this was the end result:

The piece had to be beaded in 2 seperate pieces and then stitched together because the whole thing wouldn't fit onto my loom. It has a couple of ridgy-didges in it, and a section in the top right hand corner where the thread shredded a bit, but considering this is the biggest proect I have done to date, I think it came out amazingly!

I got a bit carried away at one stage, determined that I was going to make it 3 dimensional, but I soon lost that after I realised how many bead/how long it was actually taking me to finish. Maybe I can do it later on =)

What do you think? Could I have improved on anything?


Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Wow.. 2 months.. Again, shame on me. There has just been sooooo much drama going on at the moment.

I have just recently moved house due to some minor disagreements between me and the room mate. I love the boy to death, but we just clash when we live together. So I once again had to pack up my life (including my ever growing beading stash) and move house.

It's good though, I am still the same distance away from Sydney CBD, just headed west instead of south east. I did however realise, during this move.. that I may, or may not.. have TOO many beads. My new room mate was just as shocked as I'm sure you guys are when I said this to her. I think she saw this as a breakthrough in my addiction. I have vowed to myself:


At least until I use up some of my stash.. which seems like a fair enough deal, using beads will make way for new ones! =D huzzah! Although, my space is this new house is sort of limiting. I no longer have my big cupboard that I could store all my bits and pieces in and the room is demonstrably smaller than the last one.. Ah well, I shall sort it out soon.

In the meantime, I shall soon be commencing Project 7 with the Beading Babes. I am very excited about making the Gothic Butterfly Bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro, but I'm thinking of making it into a choker.

Shall post soon with more deets, I do also have some others to show off. Good to be back in the bloggersphere!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bead&Gem Show

Ok.. let's face it. I never take enough money to these shows with me and usually end up blowing the majority of my budget at the first few stalls. This is what happened to me on Saturday in any case..

The Bead&Gem Show was on this weekend in Sydney and I went with my room mate, Ellisha, her fiance and his mum. There weren't very many stalls there - maybe about 20 or so? - and I went straight to the one where I knew they had what I originally went there for in the first place.. Those new czech glass spike beads. This particular store also had a wide variety of seed beads, so I was already treading in dangerous territory..
Come time for me to pay after picking my goodies (and desperately trying to hold back on getting more stuff) and then I realised I had spent about 80% os my budget at the one stall.. Oops!

We continued down the stalls - me and Ellisha carefully picking out what we wanted while constantly getting cracks from the other two about 'OMG! They have moved 2 stalls in the last half hour!' shock horror! - Lol. Alot of the stall holders recognised me from the last show that I went to because I was wearing the same shoes =P My shoes that are literally COVERED in metal spikes (they are amazing). We watched a demonstration about working with apoxy clay and using this paste that colours metal settings and the like.

Long story short, here is the stash that I came home with!

Clockwise from top left corner: 8x tubes 11/0 seed beads, 3x tubes 15/0 seed beads, 3x baggies of czech glass spike beads (black, nickel, hematite), Diamond glaze glue with round and oval clear cabochons and 6x patterns of rice paper, filigree findings, some of the colouring paste in silver, gold key charm, 2x cabochons (red and blue iris), 4x pear shaped swarivski crystals and 3x Montana ractangle swarovski crystals, flat backed swarovski hotfix beads silver, 2mm round swarovski crystal beads light siam and 3x tubes of 11/0 seed beads 

 So, I think we came home with a prety good haul this year :) the 3x tubes of seed beads in the bottom right are Ellisha's as is the gold key charm, some of the filigree settings and we are sharing the clear cabs with the different patterned papers.

I can't wait to start playing with it all!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oh My!

It has been over 2 months since my last post, I have just been sooooo flat out!
I had a bit of a hiatus from the internet (part of that decision was not entirely made by choice - our internet provider died for about 3 weeks and I had no internet access.. nearly started going through withdrawals, haha!) However since getting the internet back up and running, I have been run flat off my feet so much has been happening!

Where to start...

I FINALLY got my beading loom! I know I was going on about it for ages, and when I got my tax money back at the end of the financial year I had the perfect thing to buy with it! =D

I love my new loom. It only took a week to come from the states which is pretty decent!
The length shown in the picture is only about half of the length that it could be, one of the sides extends to 22inches (I think).

You can see on the loom that I have started my first attempt at creating something with my loom.

I actually finished the piece in less than a day! I loved how quickly this whipped up!

This is the completed product of my first ever beaded loom piece :) Put into a gorgeous frame that I picked up for $4 - bargin! It is going to have a black backdrop, once I can find the right paper.

I made this picture using a cross stitch alphabet template to create this symbol of pride that is a subject very important to me.
Australia is currently going through a huge debate on whether we should follow the rest of the world and allow equal rights for gay marriage (which I am totally in support for). I made this after being inspired by footage of the gay pride ralleys that were being held in Sydney CBD.  

 I have already loaded another set of warp threads onto the loom and started a new project! I did however run out of a particular colour bead and am now on the hunt for it (again). It seems to be the never ending story of my life.. running out of beads and having to go get more =P lol.

Well, that is it from me for now. Shall be leaving the rest of my stories for another time. Just though I would drop by and let people know I am still alive!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Looks can be deceiving

And deceiving they were last night whilst I was mixing and matching my beading stash!

I am currently working on my giveaway prize on my facebook page. I know in my head EXACTLY what I want to do, but it's just trying to actually bring it to life! I was hunting, hunting, hunting through my bead collection, which is currently scattered all over the floor - or as I call it.. the danger zone - thanks to a hectic weekend, for a particular coloured seed bead that was given to me by a dear beading friend. I finally found the colour last night and thought 'YES! This is the colour, it has to be this one!' and grabbed my box of threads.

The colour of the seed bead is kind of hard to describe, and the colour isn't written on the tube. It's like a red/purple transparent colour that reminds me alot of red wine. In the dull light of my bedroom last night however, the beads looked mostly red.. red thread it was! And away I beaded.

HOWEVER! (yes, I like using lots of capital letters to emphasise words =P lol) Coming to work this morning, I sat down to do some beading during a break and I noticed something. Under my VERY bright light at work, I can now see just how much gleam of purple and red and both streaked throughout the beads, it's probably about 50/50 of each, rather than one over the other. This however, makes the light red thread that I chose very noticeable..

It could just be that I am really, really fussy and I might be the only one who notices it, or Once the bracelet it beaded properly, you might not even be able to notice the thread at all, but it is incredibly frustrating! For me anyways, because this has happened to me a couple of times and it seems to me like the only way I can properly match colours when I am beading is to wait for the sun to be out so I can see under natural light.. I know there are special craft lights out there that I can buy, but I wouldn't know where to start looking for the right bulb! There's white ones, yellow ones (I think that is the one in my room), florescent, non-florescent, the list goes on and on! I don't want anything too harsh, because that could also bugger up my perception of the colours, shades, tones etc.

What is the best beading bulb?!?! (Apart from the sun, which is currently on hiatus for the winter)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beading Babes - Project 5 Reveal

It's that time again! Where all us beading babes came together armed with the same projects and created something special!

Helena Tang-Lim was the star of our project 5, providing us with 2 stunning pieces! Her 'Echoes of Nefertiti' necklace, which was featured in Bead and Button magazine and her 'Four Leaf Clover' bracelet.

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to making the necklace, but I LOVED the four leaf clover bracelet. I made one and immediately had to make more, this stitch was so addictive.

Alternating amethyst swarovski crystals and white swarovski crystal pearls with dusty pink and silver lined fushcia seed beads

Turquoise round beads with matte brown and green lined transparent seed beads - including earrings 

I could not resist making a pair of earrings to go with the turquoise bracelet!

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