Monday, 30 January 2012

Time for me

Ok.. This post is again, not about my beading.. but still - art

Because I have been in such a bad mental state lately, I decided this weekend was going to be for me.. No pressure to do housework or drag out any of my UFOs.. just something that I would like to do.

Having that said I went down to my mums place on friday night, had a nice night chilling with my mother.. then relaxed on Saturday.. Had a family dinner with my mum and my sisters then had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Then on Sunday I did a photoshoot with one of my girlfriends who is trying to start her own photography business!

She is an AMAZING photographer and has done some awesome shots! She has only edited 3 pictures so far but I was just too excited that I had to share them now!

We took the shots at an abandoned hotel/pub. It still had all this leftover, dusty, manky furniture that we used as propsand what not - it was sooooo much fun!

She has tons more photos on her facebook page - be sure to 'like' it!/

I'll upload some more when she has edited them ;) haha!


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

R.I.P Motivation

I am blue.. Not in a "OMG! A smurf!" kind of way - no, I am down, depressed, bummed out, howeer you want to say it.

I have hit an all time low. One of my room mates moved out, so my rent went up and I didn't really get the raise that I was hoping for (and desperately need). Trying to work out my budget for the fortnight is getting harder and harder. And I have been seriously contemplating getting a night job to make up for my loss but to be frank, I really don't want it to come down to that..

As a result though, I have had no motivation or train of thought to do any beading.. I kind of just look at my beads and my ever growing pile of UFOs and think " what?" I am sooooo unbelievably behind on my earring challeng that I might actually call it - Time of death, around the 15-16th January 2012. (at least I got further with this one than I did with my other one..)

I'm just so lost at the moment.. and it may be incredibly 'unprofessional' or whatever to be posting this stuff on my blog but you know what? Its my blog - I'll post what I bloody well want to.. even if I need to vent to my laptop screen!!!

I need to find my beading motivation again.. I know I left it around here somewhere...

Oh, and happy Australia Day

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bed, Bath and Beads

In the words of a famous overweight ginger cat - I hate Mondays..

After battling a weekend of late nights and late wake-ups, my body is certainly struggling this morning. As if it wasn't difficult enough the my body clock is STILL messed up from New Years Eve and the holidays.. Since returning back to work, it's thrown me completely out of whack (I can feel my eyelids drooping at work even as I type) and I am ashamed to say that I have now fallen behind on my daily earring challenge!!!

I won't mention by exactly how many pairs behind I am, but Ima have to work my ass off to catch back up! I don't want this to be another failed earring challenge.

My mind has been reeling with ideas though, it's just finding the energy to lift my hand, pick up a pen and scribble on what will most likely turn out to be an empty chocolate wrapper.. I had an idea for my earring challenge to do a rubix cube pair of earrings (which I think I may start when I get home). I'm getting somewhere!!!

*sigh* Well body clock.. you win this round but you shall not prevail in winning the war!!! I think tonight may call for an easy dinner, a nice hot bath, a lil beading time and an early turn in to be well rested for work tomorrow


Friday, 13 January 2012

Amidst the browsing

Today, whilst I was reading over a friends blog, I came across something that she posted that made me think and suprisingly enough, it actually helped me put some things into perspective to the inevitable question...

Should I work for free?

I'm sure that anyone who is trying to sell ANYTHING has asked themselves this question. Thanks to Megan for sharing this and now Ima pass it on so that hopefully it may help someone else!