Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'll do it later...

I had a thought when I was in the shower tonight.. yes, the shower, where I come up with most of my ideas.

I got home from work this afternoon and while I was on the bus, I decided that when I got home, I was going to go for a jog. Nothing too intense, just jog down the street and run and and down the stairs of an overpass until I got tired and then jog home. I walked through the front door and went upstairs to get changed. Now, I feel I need to add it is winter in 2 days.. and I am FREEZING! I took off my clothes to get into some trackies and when that cold hit me I thought O.O 'I'll do it laterand went and jumped in the shower.

And I know that I am CONSTANTLY doing it!
- Have to do my grocery shopping... I'll do it tomorrow - next thing you know, I'm down to my last half bag of pasta and no sauce to cook with it!
- Have to do my washing... I'll do it later - suddenly I'm out of clean clothes!
- Have to buy more eyeliner (yes, a necessity)... I'll do it tomorrow - a week later I have to go to work feeling neked without mah eyeliner!

AND THIS! Is probably why my box of UFOs is so freakishly huge!! I start something, get tired, get distracted, whatever the reason may be, and I think that dreaded thought:

I'll do it later!

This is something that I need to stop doing! I need to brace the cold and go for that jog.. I need to go and buy my groceries, no matter how exhausted I am after work.. I need to do my washing before I run out of underwear! AND I NEED TO FINISH WHAT I START!!!

*end of rant*


Friday, 25 May 2012

How do you like to bead?

*SIGH* It's been a looooong 2 weeks, but I am finally off my high horse and back into doing what I love that doesn't have a deadline :) haha! My market went kinda well, but that's another story, shall tell you more when I can get some pictures uploaded...
I woke up this morning and after purchasing the 'Four Leaf Clover Bracelet' pattern from Helena Tang-Lim of Manek Manek beads I got stuck straight into it (after finding the only 3mm beads that I'm pretty sure I have EVER purchased!) and I got 3 components finished and then I realised something... I am beading in total silence and in the most uncomfortable position ever...

And that got me thinking.. How do you like to bead?

Is it sitting at a desk? On a comfy couch? Lying in bed? Do you like to bead in silence or have something to listen to in the background?

Me, personally, I hate beading at a desk.. I do at work on my lunch break, but mainly because I don't have anywhere else to do it. I usually like to lie in bed, or curl up on my room mate's couch. I do have a couch in my room, but it is currently hoarding more beads. And I HATE beading in silence.. I don't know why, but the silence just drives me insane. I need to put on a movie or the tv or at least have some music playing in the background. I may not necessarily be listening to either of them, but it's noise and it's there.

Just thought that I would share this with you before the silence in my room drove me TOTALLY insane.. Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!!!


Monday, 7 May 2012


As it turns out, there is a bead shop not even a 10 minute walk from my house and I didn't even know!!

I took my new room mate, Josh (YAY!) out to his old place to help him move his stuff into our place - We managed to get all of his stuff in the one trip.. I AM THE TETRIS MASTER!!! - and on the way back I decided to go by the back road, rather than head back onto the main road and get home that way. I was driving along and there on the side of the road, just before turning onto my street, was this huge sign saying 'BEAD SALE'.

Beading is all I have been thinking about because I am trying this new market in 2 weeks and I have been frantically trying to get my inventory up to scratch. So you can imagine that the first thing I thought was 'I really must be losing it if I am mistaking 'Bed Sale' as 'Bead Sale'. Then Josh said to me "Hey, look. A bead sale.." My foot hit those brakes so hard that any harder and we would have had to Flinstone our butts home!! I pulled into a side street and stopped the car - asking Josh if he didn't mind of course - and we went in to have a goosey..

I never knew it was there because on the sign above the door it says 'Ceramics and Jewellery Making'. But as I was always driving past, all I could read as I zoomed past was 'Ceramics and...'. I was like a kid in a candy store there!!! And the best part about that shop... THEY ARE BEAD WEAVERS!!! It is sooooo hard to try and find a bead shop in the city that sells all the stuff for beadweaving and they doooo! I was so excited. I was in there for a bit, Talking to Jo the store owner and I thought "Wait a minute, I will take Josh home first and then come back and explore." So that's what I did. We jumped back in the car and I took him home. We emptied the car and off I zoomed, back to this store.

The owner Jo was lovely, she reminded me EXACTLY of Kerry, my old boss at the bead shop I used to work at, so it brought back good memories.. She had some other ladies in there who were doing a session and they were all so friendly and chatty.. I think I might have to go in there for a session one day! Jo said to me that she was getting rid of all the ceramics on the wall and guess what she was going to fill it with.. seed beads.. delicas, matsunos and tohos.. again, heaven!

I know that this is another one of those pointless stories that I usually rant on about but this is very exciting for me! No longer do I have to traul the net or drive the 2 hour trip to see Kerry for my seed beads.. HUZZAH!!! Pointless.. I know


P.S. I may be a little bit M.I.A over the next week or 2, as I have been trying to make all this stuff for the market.. See you soon!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My new motivation

PHEW! Things have been going CRAZY over here!!! And I have the best room mate and friend that a girl can ask for! I applied for a market stall in my local area today and got the ok back, so now I have been trying to frantically work andwork to try and get as much stuff made up as possible, including beaded flowers.

I have a wall full of vases that I had collected over a few months that I was going to fill with flowers and so I thought that this would be a good opportunity to try my hand selling them at this new market - you won't know if you don't try!

I have a big box of UFO flowers, so I pulled them out and thought 'I need some of this colour green to finish these and this colour red to finish my roses.. Easy!' So yesterday after work, I went to my LBS (local bead shop) to re-stock on these particular colours... Ah, but if only twere that easy... They don't stock them anymore! I went to the shop across the road and they had SOME nice seed beads, but not these specific colours I needed..

Needless to say, I went home in a huff (well, half a huff.. the second bead shop I went in had 60% off gemstone strands so I came home with a bargin ;) lol)

So I got home and was throwing my room apart trying to find something, anything, a meger SCRAP of these beads so I could finish these projects!! Then Trent came home and was trying to calm me down and he found some green beads that sort of matched what I was after for the first project, so I thought I would give it a whirl.. Anyways, I had been so busy chucking a thrombo that I realised it was 11pm at night, and once I see the time my brain goes 'OK! Time for sleep' and makes me tired - whether I was 5 minutes ago or not. So I went to bed. *sigh*

Woke up this morning, my brain still running a million miles an hour trying to figure out what I need to do, what I can do, blah blah. Stumbled down the hallway and into the bathroom to find this scrawled on the bathroom mirror:

"You are an amazingly powerful woman and can do anything! I love you xxxxxx"

I nearly broke down in tears right then and there! But let me tell you after reading that, I went straight into my room and knew exactly what to do.. I packed a bag full of beads to take to work with me that I can do on my break and after I post this, I am making a to-so list and I'M GOING TO STICK TO IT!!!

Not only have I posted it here, but I have also posted it on facebook and beading daily forums.. Just to show off how amazing my best friend in the world is!!! And how can I let down one of my favourite admirers?

I loves him soooo much! If anyone is going to pull me out of my funk, its my poodle, Trent :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beading Babes Project 4 reveal!

This was my first project challenge and - even though I didn't get much done - I had a blast! I can't wait for the next one!

There were 3 projects on the list this time round:
- Tellis necklace by Nancy Dale
- Ruffled Chain bracelet by Laina Goodman and
- Paisley Drop earrings by Jane Lock

Unfortunately, I only had the chance to do the earrings, but hopefully I will get to the other two projects later on down the track (when I'm NOT on the verge of a nervous breakdown...)

Here are the 2 earrings I did:

The pictures came out a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea :P lol

Check out some of the other items that the other AMAZING ladies created!!!

Therese - from Therese's Treasures
Vimala - from The Bead Diaries
Amy - from Amybeads
Maryanne - from Zingala's Workshop
And finally, the lady of the day
Karyn - founder of The Beading Babes

Karyn's page also has plenty more eye candy from other participants. Thanks for the fun Karyn and I look forward to the next one!