Friday, 10 February 2012

A girl can dream..

I was on my way back from one of my friends places this afternoon, driving through the city, bout 15 minutes from home, in no hurry and there it was looming in front of me just as I got to Tempe.. the gigantic blue building with the bright yellow sign:


Having that I have never been to Ikea before I thought, I have some spare time.. Ima might go and check it out.. BAD EMMA!!! BAD IDEA!!!

Omg! It was unbelievable (and incredibly dangerous for my wallet)! I now know EXACTLY what I need to get my bead room organised!

<===== There were these drawers that are just a few centimetres deep that would be perfect for loose beads.. Just put in some little square trays to seperate my beads.

There were, I think 9 drawers and halfway down, the drawers doubles in depth

*Add this to wish list*

 This one was a giant bookcase that just consisted of =====>
open cubes (They came in different sizes *see below* - this one being 167cm x 167cm) and you can by all of these additional boxes, drawers, cupboards, racks and mix and match the different additions for your own needs.

This would be an amazing way for me to have like, my magazines, my boxes of thread, my boxes of tools!!!

*add to wish list*
These bookcases come in different colours: white, red, chocolate, green.. They are awesome!!!

<===== This is the same bookcase but in the smaller size.. and example of the different coloured additionals that you can mix and match for your own aquired taste =)

*add to wish list*

I was wandering around the showroom nearly crying because of all the fabulous things that I could have gotten, my wallet was screaming at me, the other things were screaming "BUY ME! BUY ME!"

I resisted in buying a lamp for $5.00 and a rack for my room for $10.00.. then made my way out of the showroom downstairs to the warehouse and ended up calling my mum: "MUM! I'm in Ikea!" Mum: "Oh God, Emma. Put down the wallet!" I resisted the temptation to buy things.. but I think that Ima take my room mate there tomorrow (He's gonna be mad at me when he finds out I went without him.. lol) that way I can have the whole day to look around properly ;)



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