Monday, 19 December 2011

A Second Attempt

As 2012 draws closer, we at Beading Daily have decided to make January our monthly earring challenge. One pair of earrings every day for the month of January..

I tried to do this in September as a personal goal but lost momentum midway.. but this time there are at least a dozen other ladies who are doing it with me so I think I am more motivated when I have other people on the other side of the world sitting in the weekly showcase section saying "Come on Em! Where are yours?!" Haha!

So while I'm chilling in my room, patiently waiting for christmas to arrive and listening to the rain (3 weeks into summer and 3 weeks on non-stop rain!) I am sitting here prethinking and researching designs.. Does that technically count as cheating?

Anyways.. thats the latest ;) update soon!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My ufos

That last post I made about finishing off 2 of my UFOs.. well! I did it!

I will however leave out the fact that I wasn't finished by the end of that week.. but thats ok, I finished at least 1 by the end of the week =D

This one I have called "Coffee and cream". Its a russian spiral (i think) with topaz swarovski crystals in the spiral as the focal piece. I am really pleased with this necklace - I just sort of made it up as I went along and I'm so proud of it.

Now as for this SOB (excuse mah french) this pattern I got out of one of the bead and button magazines.. Its a cubic right angle weave base with 5 different coloured raw ruffles along the top. OMG! it was a good 30 hours JUST to do the ruffles.. I never want to do a raw project again! I am very ashamed to say that those 30 hours were spent over 2 days..
I got up at about 8-ish, started beading and kept going until about 10 at night.. then started again the next day. And by the end of the second day, I had only done 4 of the 5 ruffles *sigh*

BUT it is finished now! ..sort of. I just need to put the clasp on.

Oh right, this is my sister's Christmas present =) and after all of that work I did, if she turns around and says she doesn't like it, ima punch her!!!!

I have also updated my 'made it' site - trying to sell my jewellery. Have a goosey!