Sunday, 19 February 2012

St Patricks Day

I was doing something the other day and someone mentioned/I read something about St Patrick's Day coming up soon (don't ask me when it is, I just follow people to the pub) and just then it was like the big flashing lightbulb went up over my head 'DING!' and I thought to myself that THAT was going to be my next project - and hopefully one that I would finish!

I got home and I went onto my beading pattern creator on my laptop and started designs for a 4 leaf clover.. trying to bead a four leaf clover using square stitch was harder than I thought.. it just ended up looking like 4 rectangles put together with a weird tail at the back. So I pushed that one aside and thought I would try my shot at a 3 leaf clover.. it took a few goes but I eventually got it and was REALLY proud of myself and went to show my room mate Trent.. His response "Oh... What is it?" - ladies, don't ask a man for advice on anything =P lol.

Then I pulled out ALL of my colour green delica beads I had, which was alot more than I initally thought, picked 2 colours that I probably wouldn't have chosen before, but I was feeling brave. I was at first going to make a pair of earrings then switched the idea to a barette. I beaded 2 clovers (and 1 dodgy one that ended up being back to front) and lay them on a barette. It looked nice but there was something missing.. I wracked my brain and finally turned to google images for advice and up pops a lucky horse shoe.

So then I retreated back to my bead pattern program and designed a horseshoe, this time using the brick stitch pattern, pulled out my gold beads and beaded a little horseshoe.. I decided after I was finished that it was too thin and without wanting to pull the whole thing apart, I ended up just beading additional beads in each row of the inside of the shoe - which actually worked out quite well because it pulled the edges in nicely.

I decided to attach the whole thing to the barette using a white peyote stitch base to attach everything to. After the base was stitched, I attached that to the base of the barette and layered the horseshoe and the 2 clovers on top and stitched them all together. A quite coat of clear nailpolish to hold its shape and VIOLA! One STUNNING hair barette (if I do say so myself!)

I must say that Ima very pleased with how it turned out.. I think I might end up making the earring too ;) Keep your fingers crossed that more random inspiration pops out of nowhere for me!


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