Friday, 3 February 2012

Le Kumihimo

Ima attempting that Kumihimo beaded rope (just like i said I would =D haha) and its not going too bad at the moment..

After questioning which cord/thread to use, and after posting my query about said matter on BD, I decided to use Silamide as the base thread. I am also using Delica beads - transparent brown (DB769) and rainbow luster blue (DB167) - a strange combination, I know but I am hoping I can pull it off ;)

It was a little difficult at first, trying to do the first couple of rows without adding beads because the thread kept slipping as I was trying to start it. The first few rows of adding beads was also a little fiddly (and looking at my rope so far, I can see quite a few mishaps) but now I am getting the hang of it!

I had to use paddlepop sticks and stickers to wrap the ends of the thread and secure them, because I didn't have any bobbins (add THEM to my endless shopping list). The pattern of the rope that I was doing is not what the picture said it would turn out like.. I must have made a mistake somewhere when setting up the threads, because now instead of the 2 colours twirling, it has created flowers in the rope.

I am really pleased with the way that the rope is turning out so far.. cept for the few mistakes in the middle there but for a first attemp, I think Ima doing pretty damn well! =D yay!

I have some GORGEOUS blue lace agate beads that I am thinkng of adding as a pendant to the necklace.. I will probably cab one of the larger beads (as I usually do) and hang it from a bail.

Thanks for having a goosey, and I will post the finished product up as soon as it is finished!!


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