Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh! The de-organisation!

I think I am going to need a helping hand from IKEA on this one..

Since moving house, I have realised just how many beads I have and just how little storage I have. And believe me, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to do Christmas orders when you have beads still packed away in their boxes or scattered all over your bedroom floor - or as I like to call it, things that go 'crunch' in the night..

I like to think of myself as a faily organised person but lately I have realised it is one extreme or the other.. If I am organised it gets to a stage where I get very particular about organising things that I start alphabetising or colour co-ordinating. Then I'll get so frustrated when something won't work and I'll get to the stage of "BUGGER IT!", throw everything in a box and storm off.

This gets me wondering, how does everyone else store their beads?

I think it's time I go to IKEA - maybe after Christmas when they have the Boxing day sales on - and check out what they have in terms of storage..