Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A slight lift

I received an email confirmation from Anne at BD, confirming my partner for the earring swap - that I kinda forgot I entered into - and when I saw the types of things that this person was into, it sent my mind reeling with ideas and inspiration.. It was like the kick start (or in my case, kick up the ass) that I needed to get myself going. So I straight away designed and created the earrings and I love the way that they turned out!

I won't post them here just yet.. I want to wait until she receives them!

Then today I got my Beadwork magazine in the mail and took some others to work with me to flick through, and in one of my B&B mags, I came across a beaded rope done with Kumihimo. I have taught Kumi before to kids when I worked for the bead shop but with really thick cord and without the beads. So I have the technique down pat, I just didn't know how to start adding beads. As a starting reading these 'destructions' it suddenly made sense to me! I understand how to add the beads now!

I am now home from work and uber keen to try and create something with my Kumi disc (which is still sadly, still is its original packaging - unopened and unloved). Thank you Anne and thank you Kumi!

I SHALL RETURN WITH GOODIES!!! - after I tidy my room..


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