Friday, 2 March 2012

Taking Care of Business

WOW! What a hectic week I have had! Sunday I had a 12 hour heavy metal music festival, then work monday, tuesday, tuesday night I had the System of a down concert, work wednesday then Marilyn Manson concert wednesday night and work thurdsay, friday! Needless to say, I am SHATTERED but I have actually gotten some beading done lately =)

Firstly, I finished the kumihimo necklace that I started a while ago!

As you saw earlier, I did the rope using blue and brown delica beads. The focal piece is a large blue lace agate bezelled bead. The bail is made out of red tigers eye beads. There are 2 little blue lace agate beads and one 1 large red tigers eye bead at each end of the rope to add something a little different (not only that but I accidently made is too short.. WHOOPS!)

The second is a bracelet that I made to wear to afore mentioned music festival..

This is just a simple square stitch bracelet made to resemble the keys on a piano.
It is my own design it that probably took me about 5 seconds to design, and ALOT longer to put together.. This particular bracelet was a bit of a pain in the ass to bead because, I don't know why, but the thing kept breaking on me!!!
Either the thread was the thing that kept snapping or smack bang in the middle of the bracelet, the beads would break - too far away for me to pull apart to replace the broken bead.
The clasp is a 3 loop magnetic bar clasp that fits snuggly on my wrist. I am very pleased with this piece and I'm really glad how it turned out!

I do have a few other projects 'on the way' but they aren't finished enough to blog about yet ;) lol


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