Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pendants Galore

I love the beauty and the uniqueness of Venetian Glass Pendants.. No two are ever going to be the same!

I have worked up quite a collection of these stunning little beauties! Some were brought back from Italy for me by my sister Jess, another was found in amongst a collection of random objects at a flea market, whilst others were simply bought out of passion at my local bead shop. Nevertheless, even though I have this collection, I am yet to create something from them.. I think only about 2 or 3 have only successfully made it into a fully wearable piece of artwork, but the rest have simply lay dormant in an empty ferrero rocher container for safe keeping..


After having a conversation with Trent about Venetian glass, he was saying how much he admired them and I thought to myself "Hey, I have some of those" So I went back to my bedroom/beading studio and rummaged through my treasure trove until I finally found them.

I took a photo of the collection of them and posted on my facebook 'For each like I will make one necklace using one of the pendants'..

Well silly me got 7 likes now didn't I?!?! (Probably should have said for every 3 likes..) But what's done is done. And so - not to disappointment my facebook fans - I am now venturing onwards to create 7 necklaces using one of these pendants, each one more beautiful than the next.

Even as I type, thoughts are flying through my head of the different sorts of projects I can do with these pendants. Stay tuned folks, I shall return with sparklies to show!


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