Thursday, 19 April 2012

A friend in need..

Is a friend indeed..

I received a facebook notification from one of my friends the other day saying "Emma can you help her out" with a link attached to it. And I thought 'Oooh, I wonder what all this is about'. I went and had a long and - long story short - A lady up in Queensland who was making this outfit for a client to wear next week that was being ADORNED in swarovski crystals had the corset in the back of her mums car.. and some #*^$*@!!! broke into the car and stole the corset..

It amazes me how truely disgusting some human beings can be..

So she was calling out on facebook for some help getting some of the beads to make a replacement corset for next week for her client, and that she would be willing to pay for the beads. As she originally bought the beads in Thailand, it's not as if she could just go back there as she pleases to get some replacement ones.

I emailed her saying that I had some swarovski crystal beads that I could send her. They are mostly bicones, and a small amount of marguerites but it was better than nothing. So she sent me back a reply email saying that she would love them and sent her address. I rumaged through my stash to try and match some colours that I had to the corset. I sent up some Purple Velvet, Emerald, Blue Zircon, Violet, and Fuschia and Purple Velvert 2xAB in a variety of sizes via express post so that hopefully she gets them today.

I know that there is not much point to my telling this story, but I feel really good for trying to help out a follow artist in need.. I really hope that she gets this corset finished in time for her client. If you see anyone try to flog off this corset on Ebay or something, please let me know!!



  1. Hi Emma,
    That was a really good thing you did for a fellow artist. That dress is going to be gorgeous! The person that broke in and stole the corset aught to be flogged.

  2. Thanks Therese.
    I just can't believe that people in today's society would do that.. It is truely disgusting and if it was me, I would be devastated! But its ok.. karma is a nasty bitch, and she will have her revenge!