Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A little bit bead-ist

I know some of you will be staring at the screen thinking "What is she on about? What is bead-ist?".. I guess I don't know the correct term for it, but what I am trying to say - as weird as it sounds - but I am the beading version of a racist.. (Man, that sounds terrible, but its not what it looks like!!!)

I will only use really GOOD quality beads. For example: swarovski crystals and components, semi-precious gemstones, miyuki seed beads, sterling silver or gold filled findings, etc.

A Bead-ist...

I guess you could call be a bit of a bead snob - that certainly sounds alot better than 'the bead version of a racist'.. It is VERY rare that I will use plastic or acrylic beads, or dodgy japanese seed beads because I figure, these handmade items are things that I want to sell. When someone buys an item from me, I don't want them to wear it once or twice and then have the colour fade from the beads or have the findings start to tarnish because you can bet your money that that customer won't return for my services.

But this in itself presents another problem.. Expenses. I am not in the position to be buying BULK purchases of sterling silver findings to get the best price and hence, keep my prices low.. Wandering around my local markets I see stands that sell sterling silver earrings for like $3 a pair.. Nicely made earrings too and I keep thinking to myself "How can they keep their prices so low for such good quality materials" - which then made me question the authenticity of their findings..

That mid-rant aside, I do have quite a collection of growing piles of plastic and acrylic beads and the 'bead snob' in me is telling me not to sell bad quality items. Not they are all 'bad quality' but having a sign on your gorgeous handmade necklace at the markets that says "Blue and green handmade acrylic necklace - $45" doesn't look as impressive as one that says "Blue lace agate and Jade handmade necklace - $75".. Even though the price is uglier, it certainly sounds more expensive and worth its money!

*Exasperated sigh* I think it just might have to come down to telling my 'bead snob' to suck it up and start being more tolerant of other beads and try to work in some less wallet straining quality beads.

HMMMMMMM!!! decisions decisions...


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