Monday, 9 April 2012


I hope that no one gorged themselves TOO much on chocolate eggs and bunnies - I know I certainly did.. Luckily for me though, swimsuit seanson is WELL behind us (I am currently huddled under the heater at work with no jacket, this cold weather came out of nowhere!!) so, I'm not going to complain to much about my figure at the moment..

I spent the weekend down the South Coast with my family for easter. It was really fun spending time with them and being able to catch up with them.

While I was down that way, I thought I would pop into the bead store I used to work in to see Kerry and to grab some supplies for my UFOs. I was talking to her for a while and then a group of children came in to do a kids class, so Kerry went up the back to get them started. I was standing behind the counter, weighing out some beads and sorting myself out (as I usually do :P lol) and I had a lady approach me and say "Excuse me, can I ask you something? I am looking for these silicone earring backs but in the gold or the silver." I looked up and saw Kerry was still busy so I proceeded to show her where they were. I then rang up her order and kept with my shopping.

Another lady then came over and asked where the ear posts were. I asked if she wanted the stainless steel or sterliing and she said 'sterling' so I was showing her where abouts those were, next thing I know, Kerry calls from across the room "Emma, are you serving customers?!" I turned around and said "I am helping, you were busy and my services were required." She started laughing and proceeded to tell the mother of the children that I am an ex-employee who was just there to shop. Twas hilarious!

...I did however get all of the goodies I needed to complete at least 3 projects, and also got myself some needles.. that I left at one of my friends places when I went to visit him over the weekend too. So I am now without my freshly bought supplies!  I can be a real idiot sometimes... *sigh*

Ah well.. Hope everyone else's long weekend was as fun filled as mine! Shall be updateing soon with some new *hopefully* completed UFOs!


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