Tuesday, 22 November 2011

This week's goal

Right now, I am pretty much up to my earlobes in UFO's (un-finished objects) and its starting to bum me out.. I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished - well, let's face it, I can SEE I'm not getting anything accomplished.

I think that my main issue is, I see a project in a magazine or online that I really love and think "I'm going to try that!". So, I pick out the colours and the beads that I need for it and then halfway through, BAM! Out of beads.. This is the reason why I bought those digital scales that are still sitting in its box with no batteries in it.. so I wouldn't keep running into this problem!

Having all of that said, my goal for this week - Finish at least 2 UFO's. I know that 2 doesn't seem like that much but given my current lack of funds and time at the moment a small goal is recommended.. Plus if I set my goal too high I think that I would become more stressed and be more disappointed if I didn't reach said goal. At least if I set a low goal and reach it, doesn't mean that I have to stop there =)

Well, wish me luck! Will post with the completed UFO's by Sunday. Haha!


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