Thursday, 17 November 2011

Week and SS

I was down on the South Coast visiting my mum on the weekend (got a little bit of beading done) and went to the Bead Shack in Geringong where I used to work and caught up with my old boss - spent some pennies in the process..

I also got my BD Secret Santa sent out to me (I'm not going to mention names just in the off case that they read this blog ;) haha!) So I am very excited to pick what I will be making for them.. I have started to make a few little bits and bobs to see what will work the best. I found the PERFECT colour delica bead that matches the main focus beads that I am using.. but I only have probably 3 grams and I need to get some more.. Good thing I won $92.50 at BINGO last night! =D yay! - but thats another story..

I'm also trying to make a start on my sister's christmas present. I have half of the base for her bracelet completed (she won't be reading this.. lol) but she has TINY wrists and I need to know what size her wrist is but she lives 2 hours away from where I live! Drama, drama, drama. I need to have 5 different colour seed beads and I want to do it in blacks, silvers and greys. I have black, a gunmetal dark grey, galvanised silver and silver lined silver beads.. but I need one more.. The white looked wrong with the combination of greys and silvers so I think I need a medium grey but Kerry didn't have one =( so now Ima have to and hunt! Always exciting!

I have the weekend to myself, so I think I better get cracking on either buying or making Christmas presents.. Just so that I can have them out of the way and finished with.. I know it's only mid November but I know what I'm like.. I'll keep putting it off and putting it off and next thing I know, it's a week left til Christmas and I still need to buy for everyone. Instead of thinking 'Its only mid November' I'm going to start saying 'Only 5 weeks til Christmas'.. because it really is and it seems alot closer when you say it that way..

OK! Enough of my ranting! I think I have to go now (and get back to work...) Happy TGIF everyone!!!


  1. Hi Emma!
    I actually just started a blog too...also inspired by everyone on Beading Daily. I have been thinking about it forever, so I figured it's about time!

    But I look forward to reading what you have to say!

  2. Thanks Tia! Happy to see that someone is actually reading my blog and it's not just an online diary! Haha!