Thursday, 10 November 2011


So, yesterday I had the terribly sad job of going to collect my unsold beaded flower arrangements at the Incube8r store in Mosman after my 3 month lease had run out and my only selling 1 item.. (well 2, I was selling them as a pair). I'm not going to mention how much money I am down by now, but lets put it this way.. that's ALOT of beads that I could have bought otherwise!

But life goes on and the world keeps spinning. So I'm not going to get down in the dumps, I'm just going to find another outlet to sell my flowers. I don't want to sell them online because I'm really worried they will get damaged in the post.. they are very fragile. I'm starting to look into some markets around my local area, but the tricky part is trying to find the RIGHT area to sell in..

I am hoping to get one in before Christmas so I can sell some for all those 'late shoppers' but it also needs to be before the 9th December because that is when my public liability expires.. Drama, drama, drama!

I don't quite think I have enough stock to do a big market as well, so last night after I came home I threaded and worked my little fingers off.. and made 12 petals.. not too bad for one evening, but if it wasn't for the fact that I was trying to google search for Sydney markets, I reckon I could have had more finished. I also need to go through my stash of UFOs to see if there is something in there that I can piece together and have another finished project.

I do think that some pictures are in order.. However, as I am currently blogging at work, I don't have them on file. But I promise I shall post some soon!


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