Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'll do it later...

I had a thought when I was in the shower tonight.. yes, the shower, where I come up with most of my ideas.

I got home from work this afternoon and while I was on the bus, I decided that when I got home, I was going to go for a jog. Nothing too intense, just jog down the street and run and and down the stairs of an overpass until I got tired and then jog home. I walked through the front door and went upstairs to get changed. Now, I feel I need to add it is winter in 2 days.. and I am FREEZING! I took off my clothes to get into some trackies and when that cold hit me I thought O.O 'I'll do it laterand went and jumped in the shower.

And I know that I am CONSTANTLY doing it!
- Have to do my grocery shopping... I'll do it tomorrow - next thing you know, I'm down to my last half bag of pasta and no sauce to cook with it!
- Have to do my washing... I'll do it later - suddenly I'm out of clean clothes!
- Have to buy more eyeliner (yes, a necessity)... I'll do it tomorrow - a week later I have to go to work feeling neked without mah eyeliner!

AND THIS! Is probably why my box of UFOs is so freakishly huge!! I start something, get tired, get distracted, whatever the reason may be, and I think that dreaded thought:

I'll do it later!

This is something that I need to stop doing! I need to brace the cold and go for that jog.. I need to go and buy my groceries, no matter how exhausted I am after work.. I need to do my washing before I run out of underwear! AND I NEED TO FINISH WHAT I START!!!

*end of rant*


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