Monday, 4 June 2012

Oh the frustration!

Let's face it.. It's always going to be a never-ending battle:


*sigh* As I was taught on nymo, I am a natural nymo user. I think that I used fireline once and then chucked a major wobbly because the thread snapped on me twice.

When I last went to my LBS, there were a group of ladies doing a class and as I nosied through, I was curious and asked what thread they were using. They all said Fireline and swore that it was the best stuff in the universe and when I told them that I used nymo in my work, they acted like I had just walked in and spat on the teacher =P lol. Not really, but my brain isn't working right now and I couldn't think of a different metaphore.. I asked them why do they prefer fireline to nymo and they said "We got sick of it shredding and knotting". A justifyable reasion, I thought. Because, let's face it, I am getting a bit sick of it too...

ANYWAY! Curiosity got the better of me again and I decided what they hey.. I'm gonna give fireline a shot. So I bought a reel while I was there.

I wanted to start on a project made of delica beads (a square stitched picture with a whimsical saying on it) in beige and bronze beads. As an automatic reaction, I reached for my box of nymo threads and grabbed my spool of brown thread and started the project. It wasn't until I finished my first section of thread and went to start another one - after cursing and swearing away at the knots I was getting in my nymo - that I remembered the fireline. I didn't want to switch threads though because it would have been REALLY noticeable..

I pulled out a section of nymo and started to 'prestretch' it. I only ran it through my fingers 3 times and when I went to sew one end in, the ENTIRE length of the piece and I already had a knot in it!!! GAH! So I cut that piece off (what a waste) and prestretched another section.. and it did the same thing!!! What is going on with mah nymo?!?!

I think next time, I'll defs be trying the fireline!

*end of angry rant*



  1. I totally understand your frustration Emma...I cannot stand Nymo! But I do like to use nylon thread beading gives beadwork a much slinkier or softer fabric feel than Fireline does. And I just like the feel of stitching with thread.

    But I like Fireline too though, and I buy it by the 300 yard spool so I have a lot of it. And I do use it for some projects, but in my opinion it's not great for everything...and it's definitely not great for fringe or anything that needs to drape nicely.

    So when I want to use beading thread instead of Fireline, I use Toho One G and/or KO thread.

    They are both nylon threads but they are like the new and improved, modern version of Nymo. One G comes in 12 colors and KO comes in 18 colors, but I really only use half of the range of colors...some of them blend perfectly with most bead colors.

    Both of these threads are pre treated, pre stretched, pre conditioned etc. They usually cost around $3 for 50 yeard bobbins/spools but I stock up on it during sales or with coupons and get it for around $2/bobbin. So they do cost more than Nymo but it's absolutely worth it!

    I would totally recommend playing around with Fireline will like it for some projects but for me it doesn't replace the need for nylon beading thread...I just had to find some that were better than Nymo!

    Good luck with your thread experiments. Hopefully you find something that you like that doesn't cause so many problems!

  2. Emma, Nymo was always my 'go to thread' for years. It gives the bead looming a slinkier feel, but it can also fray. Nymo was originated to strengthen by the twists and turns you acquire when hand weaving beads. Warps are straight, so I do use it from time to time as my weft. It does fray which also removes some of it's strength to hold the beadwork for a long time. Nymo is best for learning to loom, because of the cost factor.

    Fireline is a much stiffer thread, but can hold well. I would suggest not 'knotting' the Fireline as it can also be strong enough to 'cut itself'. Consider reweaving ends in to your finished beadwork, to stop and start a new piece of Fireline. See if that doesn't help. You can also buy Fireline in various thicknesses, so it could give you a different body, depending on the size you choose.

    If find Fireline does give a great

  3. Hi Emma,
    I use Fireline for everything. When I first started out I used nymo and found that before I was finished with most of my project the thread was very frayed and the knots just made me want to throw the project across the room not a fan of nymo. I also use Wildfire it is slightly different from Fireline and comes in different weights and a little cheaper in cost but not performace then Fireline. I have heard of the threads that Vimala was talking about, but have not tried them. I think I will get a bobbin or two and try them out. Oh and Fireline is cheaper if you buy it at a Sporting goods store where they sell fishing equipment.

  4. I found my problem today, and now I feel really stoopid! The nymo is size B not D.. hence its thinner and ALOT more prone to shredding.. *groan* I don't know how I picked up a size B, must not have been paying attention when I was buying them.. oh well! Too late now, I'll put up with it until my project is finished.

    Vimala - next time I get an online order, I will see if I can get some of that KO or One G thread, sounds soooo much easier to use!

    Erin - thanks for the advice on threads for looms.. I have been looking at getting a loom recently, so it's good to know what threads will be best for it.

    Therese - I have a fishing shop not far from me and I keep thinking 'must go there on the weekend' but when the weekend rolls around I usually forget about it :P lol. BUT! I shall make it a goal for this weekend.. I shall write it down to remind myself!