Monday, 7 May 2012


As it turns out, there is a bead shop not even a 10 minute walk from my house and I didn't even know!!

I took my new room mate, Josh (YAY!) out to his old place to help him move his stuff into our place - We managed to get all of his stuff in the one trip.. I AM THE TETRIS MASTER!!! - and on the way back I decided to go by the back road, rather than head back onto the main road and get home that way. I was driving along and there on the side of the road, just before turning onto my street, was this huge sign saying 'BEAD SALE'.

Beading is all I have been thinking about because I am trying this new market in 2 weeks and I have been frantically trying to get my inventory up to scratch. So you can imagine that the first thing I thought was 'I really must be losing it if I am mistaking 'Bed Sale' as 'Bead Sale'. Then Josh said to me "Hey, look. A bead sale.." My foot hit those brakes so hard that any harder and we would have had to Flinstone our butts home!! I pulled into a side street and stopped the car - asking Josh if he didn't mind of course - and we went in to have a goosey..

I never knew it was there because on the sign above the door it says 'Ceramics and Jewellery Making'. But as I was always driving past, all I could read as I zoomed past was 'Ceramics and...'. I was like a kid in a candy store there!!! And the best part about that shop... THEY ARE BEAD WEAVERS!!! It is sooooo hard to try and find a bead shop in the city that sells all the stuff for beadweaving and they doooo! I was so excited. I was in there for a bit, Talking to Jo the store owner and I thought "Wait a minute, I will take Josh home first and then come back and explore." So that's what I did. We jumped back in the car and I took him home. We emptied the car and off I zoomed, back to this store.

The owner Jo was lovely, she reminded me EXACTLY of Kerry, my old boss at the bead shop I used to work at, so it brought back good memories.. She had some other ladies in there who were doing a session and they were all so friendly and chatty.. I think I might have to go in there for a session one day! Jo said to me that she was getting rid of all the ceramics on the wall and guess what she was going to fill it with.. seed beads.. delicas, matsunos and tohos.. again, heaven!

I know that this is another one of those pointless stories that I usually rant on about but this is very exciting for me! No longer do I have to traul the net or drive the 2 hour trip to see Kerry for my seed beads.. HUZZAH!!! Pointless.. I know


P.S. I may be a little bit M.I.A over the next week or 2, as I have been trying to make all this stuff for the market.. See you soon!

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  1. I love your story Emma :-) Beads so close to home though might not necessarily be a good thing ;)