Friday, 25 May 2012

How do you like to bead?

*SIGH* It's been a looooong 2 weeks, but I am finally off my high horse and back into doing what I love that doesn't have a deadline :) haha! My market went kinda well, but that's another story, shall tell you more when I can get some pictures uploaded...
I woke up this morning and after purchasing the 'Four Leaf Clover Bracelet' pattern from Helena Tang-Lim of Manek Manek beads I got stuck straight into it (after finding the only 3mm beads that I'm pretty sure I have EVER purchased!) and I got 3 components finished and then I realised something... I am beading in total silence and in the most uncomfortable position ever...

And that got me thinking.. How do you like to bead?

Is it sitting at a desk? On a comfy couch? Lying in bed? Do you like to bead in silence or have something to listen to in the background?

Me, personally, I hate beading at a desk.. I do at work on my lunch break, but mainly because I don't have anywhere else to do it. I usually like to lie in bed, or curl up on my room mate's couch. I do have a couch in my room, but it is currently hoarding more beads. And I HATE beading in silence.. I don't know why, but the silence just drives me insane. I need to put on a movie or the tv or at least have some music playing in the background. I may not necessarily be listening to either of them, but it's noise and it's there.

Just thought that I would share this with you before the silence in my room drove me TOTALLY insane.. Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!!!


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