Friday, 30 March 2012

My First Commission Piece!

One of the ladies I work with told me that her daughter was getting married (how excitement!) and she asked me to do some embellishment on the shoes. Her dress has some beadwork on it and she wanted some on her shoes too. I drew a couple of sketches of different designs and gave them to her to choose which one she wanted and she chose one that had a flower on the toes with swirls around the sides.

I started with carpturing a crystal rivoli in some silver lined seed beads. The petals of the flower were going to be beaded in running stitch into the shoe, but when I put the rivoli onto the shoe it was quite fat.. and flat petals against a fat centre would have looked off. So I had to bead 3D petals onto the centre rivoli and THEN bead some flat petals under that. *Sigh*

But then I thought that the petals might catch on her dress, so I decided to sew the tip of the petals to the shoe, to avoid this problem from happening.

Nearly finished

Then I very, very, very, very drew the swirly patterns onto the shoes with lead pencil and beaded onto the shoes with silver lined 15 seed beads and 6mm crystal marguerite beads.


She was really pleased with them and when I saw her mum again (2 weeks after I gave her the shoes) I asked her how she liked them etc etc. She said that they were exactly what she wanted and she wants them. She then said "By the way, the bridal shop wants some of you business cards."

Gobsmacked!!! She said that when she put the shoes on with the dress, the lady that worked at the store loved them so much that she wants some of my cards to put into the shop!

When I go to speak to them, I am going to buy 4 pair of shoes and on each of the shoes, bead a different pattern to put into the shop as a prototype. So that is my plan. Bead, bead and bead some more (just like I have always dreamed)



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  1. Gorgeous work Emma!

    I just know you will get more commission work out of exciting!