Monday, 5 March 2012

I need to be more gentle

When it comes to my beadwork, I have a bit of a short temper.. If something doesn't work out for me, I chuck the biggest thrombo ever! I have been known to scream, swear and - on some occasions - voilently throw my object across the room.. But I never actually stopped to think about who actually cops the most brutal thrashing of all...

My needles.

I am forever buying new needles because I keep breaking them from being too rough. I just finished a project that I was really proud of the other day and I took the tail thread off the needle and looked at my needle - it looked shocking! It hand more kinks and bends in it than a Friday night at a burlesque lounge! I had even somehow managed to ever-so-slightly bend the eye of the needle, smack bang in the centre, nearly closing the hole and now making it IMPOSSIBLE to thread onto another project..

I am in the middle of my first commission piece (excitement! more to come..) and I have just done the same thing! I realise now why I keep losing needles as well.. I don't lose them so to speak, the buggers run and hide so they don't suffer the same grizzly fate as their bretheren!!!

So, as my new order of business.. Ima TRY to start taking it a little easier when it comes to my projects. When something starts to bugger up on me, take a deep breath and walk outside for a break and some fresh air.. maybe make myself a cup of tea.. and again BREATHE! Hopefully, by doing so I will have plenty a straight needle to choose from when starting my next project!


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