Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Wow.. 2 months.. Again, shame on me. There has just been sooooo much drama going on at the moment.

I have just recently moved house due to some minor disagreements between me and the room mate. I love the boy to death, but we just clash when we live together. So I once again had to pack up my life (including my ever growing beading stash) and move house.

It's good though, I am still the same distance away from Sydney CBD, just headed west instead of south east. I did however realise, during this move.. that I may, or may not.. have TOO many beads. My new room mate was just as shocked as I'm sure you guys are when I said this to her. I think she saw this as a breakthrough in my addiction. I have vowed to myself:


At least until I use up some of my stash.. which seems like a fair enough deal, using beads will make way for new ones! =D huzzah! Although, my space is this new house is sort of limiting. I no longer have my big cupboard that I could store all my bits and pieces in and the room is demonstrably smaller than the last one.. Ah well, I shall sort it out soon.

In the meantime, I shall soon be commencing Project 7 with the Beading Babes. I am very excited about making the Gothic Butterfly Bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro, but I'm thinking of making it into a choker.

Shall post soon with more deets, I do also have some others to show off. Good to be back in the bloggersphere!



  1. I feel for you Emma! I once lived with a bloke who constantly played the one Metallica CD over and over full bore and had his girlfriend bring him a home cooked meal each night. We fell out in a massive way and I had to find new digs like yesterday. Ended up living with three 20-something Arts students. Sometimes you have to settle for going from very crap to less crap!

  2. Thanks Lucy. It definately is hard, but unfortunately, that is just what happens sometimes :( but less crap is always better.. ah well, cest la vie! Hopefully I can get my beading stuff sorted soon

  3. You could always try selling some of your beads on Facebook through the Bead Addiction Destash and more!! page. People go mad for it there. Otherwise maybe investing in a closet of some sort might be the go? Hope you settle in well. I am in the 10th house I've lived in now and would be glad to never move again!