Thursday, 15 November 2012

Belated Halloween

Tis Twas that time of year when everything spooky and feral came out to play and the only day out of the 365 days each year where it is acceptable for children to take candy from strangers..

I realise that I am INCREDIBLY late with this, but I'm not saving it until next year.. Besides every day for me is Halloween ;) This story however will need to be explained a little more in depth.

A few months ago, my girlfriend Kittie opened up a store in Wollongong and offered me to put some of my things in to sell (how excitement!) *blah blah blah stuff in the middle* Later on down the track, she was asking all of her artists to come up with Halloween decorations and what not to have displayed in the shop. I wracked my brain for AGES thinking of what I could do, coming up with only little beaded spider webs. As I was trolling through Pinterest one day, I saw this gravestone - not a real one, I'm assuming - but something that someone had come up with. I saw it and straight away thought "I'M DOING THAT!"

So there I sat, with my little bead pattern maker in my laptop and drew this gravestone, using cross stitch letter patterns to create the words on this gravestone. It took me a few good hours to come up with this pattern and even longer to make the thing using my loom - but thank god for my loom, or it would have taken even longer doing it by hand.

Enough of the suspense though! After a few weeks, this was the end result:

The piece had to be beaded in 2 seperate pieces and then stitched together because the whole thing wouldn't fit onto my loom. It has a couple of ridgy-didges in it, and a section in the top right hand corner where the thread shredded a bit, but considering this is the biggest proect I have done to date, I think it came out amazingly!

I got a bit carried away at one stage, determined that I was going to make it 3 dimensional, but I soon lost that after I realised how many bead/how long it was actually taking me to finish. Maybe I can do it later on =)

What do you think? Could I have improved on anything?



  1. You must have the patience of a saint to knock that one out Emma. I really like it because it is both beaded and profound! It's also not so Halloween specific that you couldn't display it all year round, so I think you should frame it, hang it up and admire it often.

  2. I think it's awesome just as it is, Emma! I would have been tearing out my hair trying something like that :(

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