Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bead&Gem Show

Ok.. let's face it. I never take enough money to these shows with me and usually end up blowing the majority of my budget at the first few stalls. This is what happened to me on Saturday in any case..

The Bead&Gem Show was on this weekend in Sydney and I went with my room mate, Ellisha, her fiance and his mum. There weren't very many stalls there - maybe about 20 or so? - and I went straight to the one where I knew they had what I originally went there for in the first place.. Those new czech glass spike beads. This particular store also had a wide variety of seed beads, so I was already treading in dangerous territory..
Come time for me to pay after picking my goodies (and desperately trying to hold back on getting more stuff) and then I realised I had spent about 80% os my budget at the one stall.. Oops!

We continued down the stalls - me and Ellisha carefully picking out what we wanted while constantly getting cracks from the other two about 'OMG! They have moved 2 stalls in the last half hour!' shock horror! - Lol. Alot of the stall holders recognised me from the last show that I went to because I was wearing the same shoes =P My shoes that are literally COVERED in metal spikes (they are amazing). We watched a demonstration about working with apoxy clay and using this paste that colours metal settings and the like.

Long story short, here is the stash that I came home with!

Clockwise from top left corner: 8x tubes 11/0 seed beads, 3x tubes 15/0 seed beads, 3x baggies of czech glass spike beads (black, nickel, hematite), Diamond glaze glue with round and oval clear cabochons and 6x patterns of rice paper, filigree findings, some of the colouring paste in silver, gold key charm, 2x cabochons (red and blue iris), 4x pear shaped swarivski crystals and 3x Montana ractangle swarovski crystals, flat backed swarovski hotfix beads silver, 2mm round swarovski crystal beads light siam and 3x tubes of 11/0 seed beads 

 So, I think we came home with a prety good haul this year :) the 3x tubes of seed beads in the bottom right are Ellisha's as is the gold key charm, some of the filigree settings and we are sharing the clear cabs with the different patterned papers.

I can't wait to start playing with it all!


  1. Geez Emma, that lot must have cost you a pretty penny! I ordered some spike beads which arrived today and am hoping to start a new project - Sabine Lippert's Northern Star with them tonight. They look huge in the pictures, but are pretty small in reality. I was naughty at a local gem show on the weekend - I spent $49 on a single Rhodolite stone to make a pattern called "Flower of India" out of the August/September Beadwork. I have the supplies for at least 10 projects now, so I really need to knuckle under and get beading! Must avoid temptation! Until the Bead Expo in November at least!

  2. Ohhh yes, they did.. But sooooo worth it! Lol. WOW! That is alot of money for a stone. But that is a gorgeous stone and I LOVE that 'Flower of India' pattern, but I can't wrap my head around the destructions.. You will have to show me once the necklace is finished!

  3. No worries Emma. If and when I finish it you'll be the first to know!

    I did start the aforementioned pattern and love the broken English or what I like to call 'Germanglish' instructions - catch this :

    Pick up 1 spike, 1round bead, in a change 6 times and build a circle.

    In a change? What the hey?

    And yeh the sheer volume of instructions for the Flower of India is a bit scary, but I follow the pictures mainly, so I've lulled myself into a false sense of security there!