Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I'm in a grump of a moof right now - with a capital 'GRUMP' - and I have decided to take it out on my blog...

You may be slightly amused by the irony of this post 'I hate technology' and decide to vent about it on an online site using computers/phone lines/etc. But this much is true, I repel technology.. there must be something wrong with my body or something because every piece of technology I touch, dies soon after!!

The other day when I was at home, I went to check facebook. It said that my account had been disabled because it was apparently sending out too much spam and facebook wanted to verify who I was by asking me for some details, one of those being my credit card. I thought 'hand on a sec.. facebook has never and nor would it ever ask me for a credit card. Someone has hacked my account'. So I tried to contact the facebook staff (or whoever) to let them know of the situation and I gotta say, facebook has the WORST help section set up I have ever seen! When I finally found somewhere that said 'contact us' I emailed them and still haven't had a reply!

I asked Trent what I should do. I didn't want to check my bank account or emails incase they were trolling me. He suggested to restore it back to factory settings. I got my USB and saved my 'pictures' folder as that is what has all of my beading pictures and beading projects in it, took it out and restored my computer.

After all that jazz, I popped my USB back in to put the pictures back on the computer.. Stupid me, saved the pictures shortcut, not the actual folder that contained everything.. So I have now lost EVERYTHING!!! Thank god for facebook and some random USB I had at work, I could save some things, but unfortunately, I have lost most of my subscription bonuses from Beadwork magazine and a few other 'inspiration' photos that I loved.. I was quite devastated.

What has actually pushed me over the edge though is when I came to work today, our internet was down.. AGAIN! So I called bigpond who tried to blame it on the people from D-link as I tried to tell them "NO! If it was D-link then our printer would also be down and it's not". After the first person hung up on me and calling back the second time I finally got it back up and running.. not 30 minutes later, I tried to put a Medicare voucher through out EFTPOS machine.. no dial tone. This also meant that our fax machine was down too as they are both hooked together. And oh my god, did I chuck a thrombo! If it wasn't for the fact that we still had patients in the waiting room, I probably would have picked up everything that had a cord and thrown it out the window!!!

My boss managed to get the fax machine/eftpos back online (thank god) but seriously! I do NOT look forward to the future of technology.. I am going to suffer imensly..

Thank you for putting up with my rant, I feel much better now =)

Will be posting some gorgeous piccys later on tonight.. stay tuned!


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