Wednesday, 25 January 2012

R.I.P Motivation

I am blue.. Not in a "OMG! A smurf!" kind of way - no, I am down, depressed, bummed out, howeer you want to say it.

I have hit an all time low. One of my room mates moved out, so my rent went up and I didn't really get the raise that I was hoping for (and desperately need). Trying to work out my budget for the fortnight is getting harder and harder. And I have been seriously contemplating getting a night job to make up for my loss but to be frank, I really don't want it to come down to that..

As a result though, I have had no motivation or train of thought to do any beading.. I kind of just look at my beads and my ever growing pile of UFOs and think " what?" I am sooooo unbelievably behind on my earring challeng that I might actually call it - Time of death, around the 15-16th January 2012. (at least I got further with this one than I did with my other one..)

I'm just so lost at the moment.. and it may be incredibly 'unprofessional' or whatever to be posting this stuff on my blog but you know what? Its my blog - I'll post what I bloody well want to.. even if I need to vent to my laptop screen!!!

I need to find my beading motivation again.. I know I left it around here somewhere...

Oh, and happy Australia Day


  1. Hi Emma, this is Sharon Mc, from the Beading Daily forums. Wow, you made it to day 15 of the earring challenge??? I never even started the darn thing!!! I'm so sorry you've lost your motivational mojo. When my motivation goes missing I eat some chocolate, cuddle with my dogs, and do a LOT of inconsequential things (like iron the sheets), until I cant wait to get back to beading! Hopefully you'll find a new roommate soon, all money matters will be solved and you will be playing with those glittery, sparkly, pretty beads again soon. Take care!

  2. Emma, I am so sorry you are feeling blue and seem to have misplaced your motivation! I know exactly how you feel!

    I have also been having serious money/work/housing problems as 2011 came to a close and it's getting worse in 2012...I don't know how to make things better or even just different...and sometimes it feels like all I have is my beads! So losing the motivation to bead must be a real all time low!

    I agree with some chocolate, spend time with your family, do anything that makes you feel like you...and that makes you feel happy! That's when you will be able to tackle all the other nasty problems that bring us down!

    I do hope you are able to find your muse again soon and that things start looking up for you!

    Feeling blue right along with you!